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Update: 2nd July 2024

HRÖ is now a member of Interreligious advisory board in Vienna

HRÖ received an invitation from the mayor of Vienna to attend the interreligious council meeting that took place on July 2, 2024, in the Rathaus. HRÖ gladly accepted the invitation, and the President, Ing. Sandeep Khanna, and Vice- President-I, Dr. Deepti Garg, attended the meeting. Representatives from many other religious communities, too, attended the event. The meeting was led by Dr. Michael Ludwig, and various points were discussed, such as diversity between religions, religion classes in schools, gender equality, and especially the role of women in society, whether it is dependent on the religion or culture of a community. 

Update: 08th June 2024

HRÖ conducts the 1st Congregations' Assembly meeting

The HRÖ executive committee invited the heads of all HRÖ affiliated congregations (temples, matts, yoga centers, etc.) to its first meeting on June 8, 2024. The meeting was held at the Afro-Asiatische Institut in Türkenstraße 3, 1090 Wien. The executive committee updated the attendees on all the activities of HRÖ and discussed ways to work together. The meeting was very successful, and all participants agreed that we should conduct the meetings regularly. The executive committee is determined to conduct these meetings once a quarter, as per HRÖ's constitution.

Update: 26th March 2024

HRÖ EC meets Kultusamt representatives

HRÖ executive committee visited Bundeskanzleramt and met with Kultusamt representatives to introduce themselves and discuss various points related to HRÖ.


HRÖ meets Kultusamt Team


Update: 02nd March 2024

Visit - Darshan Event in Telfs

The HRÖ executive committee members, President Mr. Sandeep Khanna and Vice-President Dr.Ram Vinay Pandey visited Darshan event in Telfs, met with Praramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwanand and introduced HRÖ to big audience.

Darshan Event with Swami Paramhamsa Vishwananda


Update: 29th Feb 2024

HRÖ is now a member of Interreligious advisory board in Graz

HRÖ became a member of interreligious advisory board in Graz. More information about the activities of the interreligious body can be found at: