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Project Overview

Project Description

Hinduism is the oldest and one of the largest religions in the world. In Austria, HRÖ is the legal representative for Hindu religion in Austria. In 1998 HRÖ acquired legal presonality as a state-registered religious community. Hindus in Austria are free to practise their religion and establish their own places of worship. Regarding the legal framework, HRÖ's  aim for the future is to get the status of legally recognized religious society, which needs inter alia 0.2% of the country's population (18000) as its members. 

Religions that donot have the legally recognized religious society status lose on some of the benefits the state provides, like tax-free donations to religious bodies, religious classes to children in state schools, space in crematoriums etc.

This project is to reach out to 18.000+ Hindus in Austria, make them the members of HRÖ to fulfill the requirement and make an application to the Government for full recognition. 

Project Status

Started, On-going 

(A multi-pronged strategy is being adopted to reach out to all Hindus in Austria. Stay tuned to this page to learn more details as the project progresses)



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