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Project Overview


The core objective of this project is to teach the fundamentals of Sanata Dharma to small children and try to inculcate the moral, religious and cultural values in them. The courses will be divided into 4 groups : L0 - L4, with L0 being the beginner's level primarily targeted for small children aged 6 - 12 years. The course starts with the basic introduction about our religion, our festivals and the rituals we follow. In higher levels, the course delves deeper into the goals and purpose of human life and how one can achieve the ultimate goal of attaining moksha.

Project incharge

Ing. Kailash Dave

Project status

Currently the course curriculum is being prepared and as soon as the material is ready, an experimental class will be started. Based on the experience of that, the final curriculum will be prepared and the course will be started all across Austria.

Estimated Project Start Date

September/Octorber 2024 (During Ganesh Chaturti or Navratri)

Community support

No big initiative can be successeful without collaboration/support. We request your support. If anyone is interested to contribute in the way of preparing the material (activity-based tasks/stories/animated images, videos/audio-visual presentations) please get in touch with us at

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